We believe that handmade brings a human connection to our clothes and we celebrate the craftsmanship involved. Handmade products are pure love, creativity and uniqueness in one.

exclusive yarns 

Mohair, Merino, Peruvian, Virgin wool.

on demand creativity

We design our clothes. And we know how inspirational it is. But also you can create, and our hands will put your creation in life. 

about wool nomads.

Wool Nomads is a knitwear handmade brand, originally founded in 2017 by a family on the road, between Vienna, Belgrade, and Milan. Inspired by nomad philosophy, mother and daughter joined knowledge combining handmade techniques with modern design.

Traveling around the World and into a paste, we are making – rebel artisan knitwear with emotions and warmness of a story.

Chunky, rebel and romantic, heavily influenced by the liberated fashion of the 1970s, our designs are the concept of the never-ending handmade process.


Handmade - we use traditional handmade techniques, artisan methods and ideas that have been used for centuries.  We believe that handmade brings a human connection to our clothes.


Small Scale Production - Small-scale production means better control of the product, greater connection with those making the garments and best of all individuality. The joy of wearing something that you know is one of a small number is hard to beat.






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