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Fashion Wonderer = Fashion Nomad

Who is a nomad if not a Wondered, as Greek route of this word explain.

Let's go for a moment to the World history of society, or maybe just look todays Mongolia, where today 30% of population are nomads. So, nomad is a person with no settled home, moving from place to place as a way of obtaining food, finding pasture for livestock, or otherwise making a living. Most nomads travel in groups of families called bands or tribes.

Today, we are starting to write about our tendency to create a band or tribe of fashion nomads, and small scale nomad brands. We are inspired with nomads philosophy, and we are always trilled to see others nomad sparkles.

We was wondering how our chunky Merino wool scarfs mech with Nomade Moderne vintage style hats? Nomade moderne hats are the first brand that we will write about. And like most of handmade brands they are reflection of owners nomadic life. Nomade moderne create the hats that hold three to the heritage, yet reflect the spirit of the modern nomad traveling the world. Every hat is handmade in their studio, and this is where special story begins.

According to the best knowing experts of Nash market in Vienna, such a place doesn't exist on Nasch market, even if his studio is all in glass and every passenger can watch whole process of production. You are wandering how is that possible? Well wonderer, it is time to move yourself, and found out.

"Sparkle can't be a sparkle, if doesn't move. Its her destiny. " Wool Nomads

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