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How to take care about wool garments

Take your knitwear with care, and it will be beautiful for a long time. Find out how.

Wool grows naturally on sheep, and is made of a protein called keratin – the same protein that is in human hair. Wool is antistatic, and this is why pick up less dust and lint from the air. It is also biodegradable, which make her great choice for sustainable living style.

But, if you want to have long lasting wool sweater, you should follow this instructions:

1. WOOL IS ELASTIC: Wool is naturally elastic, so Knitwear should be folded not hung.

Storing wool garments correctly is therefore important to enjoy wool garments as long as possible. There are many natural moth repellants available to prevent any damage.

2. AIRING: Unlike any other textile fibre, wool can refresh itself simply by hanging in fresh air. This saves water, washing detergent, energy and the time to walk to the dry cleaners.

3. HANDWASHING: Even it is not necessary, for best results use a liquid product designed for delicate garments. Alternatively you may use your shampoo.

Make sure the product is completely dissolved in cool water. Immerse the garment and gently wash. Never rub or soak garments. Treat stains as soon as possible prior to laundering using a stain remover which has been tested on the garment in an inconspicuous area. Rinse the garment thoroughly in cool water. NEVER wring.

4. DRY CLEANING: do it when dry cleaning is recommended.

5. DRYING: The easiest way to shorten drying time is to roll the garment in a towel and gently squeeze the excess water out. Garments should be laid out flat and dried in the shade. We recommend to never tumble dry your knitwear.

6. PILLING: Wool has a tendency to pill, it is not a defect, but rather a natural result of friction. Carefully cut the pills off with a pair of scissors, or use a razor blade to shave your garment.

Mohair care policy is a bit different, and we wrote in another post about that more precisely.

Enjoy in sustainable clothes, and take care on a sustainable way. More info about the natural fiber-wool we suggest you to visit ITWO.

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