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Fashionable Spring/Summer Knitwear trends in 2018

Updated: Apr 1

Summer is almost here, and knitwear is popular more than ever. Vintage look, comfort-ability, personification, natural materials, and of course whole storytelling behind every piece of clothes are good enough reasons for choosing them.

Most of the knitwear can be worn in your everyday life, as well during your trips. Fabrics that you need for good quality garments are:

  • cotton

  • linen

  • viscose

  • wool

  • mohair

  • hemp

We wanted to show you fashionable traveling knitwear, that provides air circulation, made of natural materials, and that can be combined with an elegant outfit but also with Safari casual style.

Let start from Wool Nomads Air sweater, that combines two types of cotton, that bring trans-formative textures, and provide you safari look. You can wear it on a beach, in office or during your vacations.

Knitted t shirts are so wearable and easy to combine. We love We are knitters Slushiest top, (on the right), and we knitted sweater as personalized gift (on the left) with similar combs.

knitwear cotton

Hemp or linen market bags are so chic and so useful at the same time. Sustainability gives extra value to this bags. We especially love Two of wands bags:


What knitting trends are catching your eye this year? Let us know.

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