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How FashTeck blokchain tehnologies work on the values that handmade brands has

The innovative marketing ideas of fashion brands, that use blockchain and create FashTech, are basically reaching the core value of every handmade fashion brand, including handmade knitwear brands.


Let me explain how big fashion brands use innovative technology to provide personalized experience value.

The marketers are excited how Babyghost, bring innovation in marketing and FashTech field. At Shanghai Fashion Week, together with blockchain platform VeChain they provide customers to verify if an item is genuine or not. By scaling the code on the Babyghost item label, a customers phone communicates with VeChain chip, witch tells its “story” where it come from, to verify if an item is authentic or not, and who had previously modeled it.

This allows customer to create a personal connection with it.

Innovative technologies comes back to traditional, slow fashion brands values, because they recognize customers needs. They recognize every handmade brand value, an exclusive and personalized experience to the client.

So, dear knitters and handmade brands owners and colleagues, you don't need expensive blockchain, IOT etc, we have ourselves. Just having a story about our work, garment we make, customers recognize as an essential value of our brand. Every knitter is personalized experience experts.

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