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Fashion Milano street advices from Marija, plus GIFT prizes for oversized sweaters

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Marija is a fashionista from Milan, and she is running the Instagram fashion page @krsikapamarija where she provides her audience with ultimate fashion trends, from the streets of Milan. But she is also a natural great shopping advisor and first time we met her, we were already full of new insights. She is very spontaneous, and she wears just clothes that she likes. She answered to our questions about ultimate Winter fashion trends, and for all sweaters that she wears, you have GIFT prizes until December 16th. Visit our Online shop for more info.

1. What kind o fashion trends Milano fashion girls are wearing this 2018/19 season?

Milano is a city of fashion. You can always see many stylish women and men, and that is what I love about this city! People are dressed well, they don’t only follow the trends, but they are adapting them to their personality and therefore different trends can be seen styled in many ways!

In my opinion, the most popular trend of autumn and winter 2018, were different animal prints, especially snake and leopard. We can see these prints on dresses, skirts, pants, even shoes, made by high street brands or designer fashion.

I was not always a huge fan of it, but I think that if you style it properly, it could definitely work!

I wear animals prints with sold and basic pieces, colored black, white or grey, because I think that animal print is already enough by itself.

Also, another trend that has come back this year is leather. I believe that leather pieces are timeless and that everyone can wear them according to their style.

To achieve the best street look, I would always choose the leather pants over regular black pants. It’s such a small change that makes a huge different on the total outfit!

2. What fashion item do you recommend as a must have this year?

My favorite trends are ones that remain over the years, for example, over the knee boots, statement coats, knitted jumper dresses and turtlenecks. I would always advise buying something that is not just a trend that will pass after 2 months, but rather a piece that can be worn for seasons.

My suggestion is to invest in a good coat. During cold days, it’s important to stay warm and cozy. Today there are many diverse coats which are so stylish and at the same time keep you warm. The colored coat will add a big of color during the gloomy winter days and bring up your basic black or neutral outfit to another level.

However, my preferred ones will always be the beige long coats. I love them because they always look elegant, and they are such a timeless piece.

Another piece that I believe is a must have this year is an oversized knit sweater that could be worn in so many ways. I would go with a plain knit because then you would get the maximum use out of it!

They go with basically everything and they are very easy to style. These items make such a great outfit by adding some cute accessories like a good belt, hats, and of course tights!

3. Oversized clothes are a must-have attribute of fashion brands in recent years. How do you like it, and is it easy to combine with an elegant street look?

What I love about oversized clothes is that they can be easily dressed up or dressed down, and that’s why they are a good choice for many occasions! Also, oversized clothes are actually so easy to wear; you can style them with mini or midi skirts, jeans, printed trousers or whatever you like.

I believe that that’s why they never go out of fashion!

I love to wear oversized clothes with over the knees and cute tights, or with a white shirt and simple blue jeans. They are so casual, but yet effective looks!

4. What was your experience wearing our oversized sleeves sweater Puffy, is it comfortable to wear?

I can say that it was love at the first sight! The colors are gorgeous and not so common! It’s great that is such a statement piece, but different from the others that I saw.

Sometimes with knits I have a problem that the material is not great, but that was not the case with your oversized sweaters. They are very comfortable and soft, so I didn’t feel them itching my skin.

The sleeves are just the perfect size, they create the effect they are supposed to do, but they don’t make a problem in everyday functioning. I love to put a leather jacket on my shoulders and then I am already ready to go!

I can say that also so many of my followers loved them, especially the purple one, because I am constantly receiving massages about it! I think that it fits everyone’s style.

5. Lingerie and long socks are great companions of winter chunky and puffy sweaters. What do you prefer and why?

I am a huge fan of skirts, and I would always choose to wear a skirt rather than pants. But of course in winter this gets harder to do! That’s why I I love tights so much. My favorite are not the basic ones because they contribute so much in creation of an amazing outfit. Also, you can wear them with ankle boots, over the knees, or even with heels and they would look great!

However, it’s important not to exaggerate, that’s why I would stick to basic pieces if you have patterned long socks.

My favorite outfit would be to wear cute socks with a short skirt and an oversized sweater, it’s a very simple outfit, but still it keeps me warm and it is trendy!

I am so happy to see that this year most of the lingerie shops sell numerous tights in different colors and designs. My favorites are from Calzedonia or Tezenis, because the quality is good and they are affordable to everyone.





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