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Emotions as a New Year gift, please

Updated: Feb 22

Buying essential, human gift made of sensibility and awareness is all what we need.

Holidays are coming and consumerism will play his role more then ever in this period of year. Gifts will be putted under the three, but that doesn't mean that you can not give gift full of emotions and creativity inside, instead of buying something, just because need to be bayed.

Remember, emotion is a powerful driver of human behavior, and they are not exactly how your body is feeling, but they are more descriptive of your state of mind. Prepare a gift that celebrate humanity, that value others creativity or bring someone a joy.

As you probably know, Wool Nomads is a mother-daughter team, established in a moment when we start leaving in different countries. Knitting a cosy and warm hug, in form of sweater, was actually all about knitting emotions. We were happy to travel bringing emotions of home all around a World, with us. We sugest you to do the same.


If you want to surprise and inspire a people to act, and to find serenity and joy in one think, we recommend a knitting KIT (KIT with wool yarn and needles) as a perfect gift. We are knitters, we know, how humanity and dignity, imagination and serenity you can achieve with this gift, and most important are emotions that one knitter will put inside his/hers project. While knitting, knitter will always have you on mind.

You can easily order whole online KIT at: BettaKnit (Italy), Wool and the Gang - (they have easy to understand offer, so if you are compleate begginer probably the best place for you).

Colors can storytell emotion

As you maybe know, colors and emotions are closely tied, in more ways then one. Colors plays a major role in evoking emotions. Depending what emotions you would like to achieve with a gift, choose a color of the gift. Read bellow general guide through emotions and colors plus guide through emotions that provoke our sweaters.

1. Green color is often associated wth harmony, nature, balance, growth, freshness and health. So, for people who take care of sustainability, health and nature green is defiantly great choice. Wool Nomads 2018/19 collection is almost all about green color. We knitted Gaya model, exactly having in mind values written before wasknitted in our home garden, and picturedin so many Botanical gardens aroundAustria and Serbia. Other green sweaters are Puffy and Air mohair sweater. How our sweaters are inspired by our lives, and how our home garden have also bee hives inside, we slowly moves to the next yellow Bee sweater model.

2. Yellow Golden PuffyBee sweater is color of sunshine, associate with joy, intellect and energy. This was one of the reasons why we enjoyed knitting and wearing yellow this season(in tobacco yellow color with green details). and

3.Warm pink is very popular color, that encourage a sense of confidence. Exactly what we wonted to achieve with our most favorite sweater this year.

4. Red is color of passionand love, and its very popular during New Year season. Do you see some fire emotions on our Saggi? Curies to know your opinion, let us know in comment below..

5. Blue color symbolize stability and wisdom.

Choose your color, bring wisely emotions into lives of others.

Wool Nomads - Human touch for the people you care.

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