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Contemporay knitwear for artistic look in 2020/21.

This is story for you, a pure artist in soul who want that fashion shouts a statement, that represent your uniqueness, with story behind and that communicate who you are.

Name of exhibition: Working process sweater

Art and working process united in one, in a sweater imagined as a transformative sculpture, where Working process never ands, because your femininity and your body reshape him over and over. Inspired by work of conceptual artists we are creating (using handmade techniques) sweater that perform with an audience, and that put a body of consumer as a subject and vehicle.

Motivation for creating a piece of garment that celebrate our handmade Working process sweater, was the process of transformation. From one side we have knitters hands who transform yarn in a final product, but that process is not finishing over there. Actually it continue with process of reshaping the sweater by your body and your femininity. Finally, how your personality communicate through a clothes, reshape wider society. This is how an art and a knitting process influence society.

Shortly, contemporary clothes means "accessible " clothes, where designers are making an influence to the consumers views on important matter. Wool Nomads wants to put in a central point a knitter/consumer connection in a process of transformation.

Handmade knitting is a slow fashion process, environmentally and socially conscious, and bring uniqueness in every single garment.

Working process sweater

Handmade artistic knitwear

Handmade knitwear Milano street style

Pink brown contemporary knitwear

Milano contemporary knitwear

Two sides knitwear, handmade by Woolnomads

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