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How to dry mohair sweater

We are bringing you easy steps for Drying mohair wool sweaters. If you are not applying instructions properly, your mohair clothes can be damaged, will lose the shape or even change a color. No hangers needed, just flat surface and a white towel.

Steps for Drying mohair sweater, after washing your garment:

  1. Place the white bath towel on a horizontal surface (for example floor).

  2. Lay the Mohair wool sweater on a top of towel.

  3. Alternatively, in case that the sweater is very big, before laying the sweater on a towel, you can very gently squeeze the sweater.

  4. Start rolling the mohair sweater lightly in a towel to remove moisture.

  5. Repeat rolling the towel with a sweater inside and leave it bundled few minutes inside (up to 5 minutes depending of type of yarn size), and that way towel will absorb more moisture.

  6. Open the towel, replace him with the new one, in case the current one is too vet, and leave a sweater to dry on a flat, horizontal surface on an air, but without direct sun.

What errors to avoid when drying mohair sweater

  1. Don’t hang or line dry mohair wool sweater, because this can cause the garment stretching in length. No hangers needed, if you want to keep the shape of mohair garment the same as it was before washing.

  2. Avoid direct sunlight.

  3. When drying mohair avoid direct heat, so please avoid radiators, if you want to keep the same color of your sweater without strep.

Take care about your mohair wool garments on a sustainable way, and you will wear your favorite knitwear for years. Mohair sweaters are good investment pieces of clothes, that can give your warm and fashionable look for years.

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