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How to store properly my wool clothes

Updated: Apr 1

Beginning of Spring is proper period for storing your wool clothes. Most common questions are How to store my wool garments, which options of storing do I have and what are the steps? Preventing moths from getting to your wool is part of the process of storing your knits.

Proper storing of wool garments, influence the quality of knits, and it is directly correlated to sustainable lifestyle. Make your clothes wearable as long as possible.

How to store my wool knitwear

1. Clean your wool garments

Wash, air or dry clean them, but keep in mind that every wool (virgin, mohair, merino, cashmere, mix) demand their own type of cleaning.

Airing is highly recommended option for handmade clothes. We wrote two separated posts, where we explained in details how to clean wool knitwear in general, and more specifically take care about Mohair knitwear.

2. Clean your closet

Use vinegar-based cleaner to be sure to remove any drawers before you start cleaning.

3. Choose your storing options

Wool need to breathe so vacuum bags are not an option for wool sweaters.

Storing options are:

- airing containers (suitable for storing on hanger, inside your closet),

- cotton bins,

- plastic or paper containers.

Cotton bags or bins are perfect option for storing sweaters for a long period of time.

In any case chunky and heaviest knitwear, you should put at the bottom of the box.

Handmade knitted sweaters and cardigan should be gently folded and stores.

4. Preventing Moths from getting to wool

You can put mothball to your boxes directly, or alternatively you can put cedar balls or lavender sachets. Beside balls, you can use cedar wood hangers, cedar-wood's blocks and even oil diffuses that use cedar wood's aroma oil.

5. Place your clothes on proper place

Once you have placed your sweater in bins or boxes, you need to place this box on proper place, not with direct light, in dark, dry and place without so much dust.

6. Periodically check your clothing throughout the year

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