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STYLING Turquoise color knitwear

Updated: Feb 22

How to stand out with one fashionable sweater, in a fashion season when everything is about neutrals? The biggest concern with turquoise color is that it's difficult to fit, and you will not wear it often. Somehow, mohair wool or other chunkier type of knits shown that they fits perfectly with business style, neutral colors, tweed and minimalism look.

Turquoise sweater does not need to be good choice just for street style.

Dark Navy blue business look

O yes, turquoise knitwear can be an option for serious business look.

There is no business look, without dark navy blue blazer. For making him visible and versatile we can replace white shirt with turquoise knitwear and we will still achieve serious linear business look. Adding beige skirt or pants, we are calming down a contrast, and actually giving space for each piece of clothes to be separably visible.

styling brown clothes with turquoise knitwear

Brown clothes, is even more convenient then dark blue or black for pairing with intensive colors, like turquoise or intensive pink are. Earth neutral tones in general are basic pieces of clothes that most of us have them in closed, and even if they are old or vintage, with turquoise sweater you will have wining outfit. Our recommendation is to pair brown pants and jacket and turquoise sweater, as lifestyle influencer @krsikapamarija styled them on photos bellow.

Tweed Earth tones

Fluffy dreamy mohair knitwear, with a linear tweed in beige neutral tones as our preferable combination.

Dark grass green and turquoise sweater

Mohair sweater in multiple colors are very present in handmade community. Still we wanted to achieve cold, minimalism look that associate a grass of botanical gardens. For that purpose, we add turquoise lines on basic green mohair sweater, and we think that this two colors works perfectly together. Let us know do you agree, and which one is your perfect combination?

All sweaters are handmade knitted by Wool Nomads. Styled by @krsikapamarija and @woolnomads

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