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Why to wear oversized cardigan

Updated: Feb 22

Classy, elegant style that oversize cardigans bring to every fashionista, with retro, vintage huge sleeves and sometimes even mans look, is in first 5 things that you need to wear this season. Bloggers and followers, influencers and fashion companies are competing every day who will have more unique, longer sleeves. The right cardigan should hit the ideal balance between keeping you warm and suit you in the same time. But why to choose oversize cardigan before just normal cardigan?

1. with oversized cardigan it is even easier, because flattering to almost every figure, and can fit with different styles. And it is even more easier when you can make an order for personalized cardigan.

2. Versatility is awesome. Wear with a dress, or wear with white T-shirt and jeans and just change shoes for having casual or elegant look.

3. stylish knitted cardigan can be replacement to a coat or winter dress with a belt.

This year bring the trend of neutral beige, pink pearl and ivory knit cardigans. Shades of khaki are among the most popular in this season, so you can choose one of these colors for your cardigan.

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