Want to have an artistian fashion look in 2020? Art and handmade knitwear

October 28, 2019



You are a pure artist in soul and you want fashion that shouts a statement, that represent your uniqueness, with quality fabrics and a story behind.


Art and working process united in one. In sweater imagined as a transformative sculpture, where Working process never ands, because your femininity and your body reshape him over and over. Inspired by work of well known creative mind and artist Marina Abramovic, we are creating (with handmade techniques) sweater that perform with an audience, and that put a body of consumer as a subject and vehicle. 


With a goal to transform our consumers into a artisans with an attitude. 


Motivation for creating a piece of germane, that celebrate our handmade working process, and continue transforming and reshaping by your body, your femininity.


The art and fashion are closer then ever, but still very rare of designers and brands can build your brand as an artistian individual with an active participation and kosesnes in 


Shortly, contemporary clothes means "accessible " clothes in terms of prices and design for younger consumes, where designers are making an influence to the consumers views on important matter. Handmade knitting is a slow fashion process,  environmentally and socially  conscious, and bring uniqueness in every single garment. Unperfection, differentitaion 





We are sure that creative minds are well known  with work of Marina Abramovic. 


Knitwear is traditionally feminist art. Now it is in period of transformation, where we as a knitters can contribute your fashion and artistian expression. 

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